Foreign Nationals visiting Nepal were found Dead at Hotel Manang in Thamel
दियो पोस्ट  बुधबार, बैशाख ०७, २०७९ | २२:१२:५७

Kathmandu. The identity of the foreign national found dead at Hotel Manang in Thamel, Kathmandu has been revealed. The deceased was identified as MC Phillips. Philip, who is from Ireland, came to Nepal on April 6. He returned to the Everest base camp only yesterday, said DSP Durga Dahal.

Although they were staying at Thamel’s Address Hotel, they had gone out for a night out. According to Dahal, they reached Hotel Manang at night as they could not even recognize the hotel after consuming alcohol outside.

‘They seem to have gone straight up the elevator. The citizens must have fought from the roof as they could not even see the top room. We are still investigating, “Dahal said.” We have arrested one person.

According to him, even when stopped by the security guards, they forcibly took the elevator to the top of the hotel.

However, the staff of Manang Hotel said that they did not know anything about the incident. Devendra Giri, who is said to be the owner of the hotel, did not even pick up the phone when contacted several times. Police found out about the incident only at 8 in the morning. However, it is mysterious and suspicious that the hotel staff did not even know that the citizens who arrived at the hotel after consuming alcohol had fallen from the roof last night.

The hotel has security guards. It is doubtful that the matter of such an accident at the hotel in Thamel Bazaar, which is open 24 hours a day, will come to the notice of the police only tomorrow morning, ‘the source said.


RPP leader Bhujung Gurung, who was earlier arrested for gold smuggling, was the owner of Manang Hotel. After Gurung’s arrest, the hotel was handed over to Deven Giri. There is even talk of former police chiefs investing in this hotel. However, not enough evidence has been found.

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