At Pokhara International Airport, a Chinese company’s mischief: “Waste Burning station disappeared” !

- Sudip Bishwakarma  


Kathmandu. has been regularly following up on the issue of extreme negligence in the construction of the Pokhara Regional International Airport, which is preparing for regular flights from the 27th of January.

It has been found that the airport, which is said to have been built with an investment of more than $ 22 billion with a loan from China’s Exim Bank and a grant from China’s Ministry of Commerce, has not been built according to the agreement.

According to the agreement, a ‘Waste Burning Station’ should be built at the airport, which was built by the Chinese construction company China CAMC Engineering and handed over to the Government of Nepal. It is mentioned in the agreement that the garbage coming out of the airport should be collected in one place and burned to generate electricity. For this, it is mentioned in the agreement to establish a solid waste management system with an investment of $ 356 thousand.

According to a Chinese official, there should be a Waste Burning Station according to the standards of the international airport established by the Chinese government. But the Chinese citizens say that the Exim Bank of China, the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN), the Ministry of Finance and the Chinese Embassy in Nepal have misled the people of Nepal and Pokhareli.

Those citizens who want to hide his Name say that if the airport operates without waste management, the clean and beautiful city of Pokhara will turn into a pile of garbage within a few years. Now it is said that the construction of the airport has been completed by misrepresenting this matter. However, if Nepali citizens and especially Pokhara city do not take any interest in this matter, it will definitely cause a big accident. Because all the countries have built waste burning stations to manage the waste from the international airport. The airport will not be considered to have met the standards until it is built.

According to a Chinese supervisor working at Pokhara  Regional  Airport, the Waste Burning Station is new and the first for the 30 million Nepali people. China’s CAMC, IPPR assigned for supervision and the government of Nepal had obstructed the construction of the station.

It has been mentioned between the Civil Aviation Authority and CAMC that there should be a facility with incinerator, platform and necessary containers at the waste burning station. The Chinese nationals claim that they were misled by the Nepalese government and China’s CAMC because Nepalis do not know much about this technology, which is said to be Nepal’s first garbage burning station. “Certainly Nepali people are understanding about technology. Citizens of other countries of the world are very aware of the importance of technology. Wherever an international airport is built, there is a waste incineration and power generation station. Otherwise, the citizens there will protest,” said the citizen, who has gained expertise in the technical field. “Due to the lack of understanding of technology among the Nepali people, China’s CAMC and the Nepal government are changing the waste incineration station into a waste transit (a small building with two waste collection containers).

His statement was confirmed by Vinesh Munkarmi who is the head of Pokhara Regional Airport in Pokhara. “We have made some changes in the agreement and made the waste a transit station,” he said, “Both China’s CAMC and Nepal government agree on this.”

According to that expert, even after the construction of this project, China’s Exim Bank, Ministry of Commerce and Nepal’s Ministry of Finance and Civil Aviation Authority can re-evaluate. All parties have the right to re-monitor if there is any negligence in the project.

CAMC is responsible for building the first waste incineration station. However, he is fooling the government of Nepal. The Nepalese government is dancing at his behest,” said the citizen.

Despite contacting the Chinese Embassy in Nepal several times to get a response on this matter, they did not want to get in touch. However, we have asked for their opinion through email. If the embassy provides its response, we will also place it.

Pokhara Metropolitan City Mayor Dhanraj Acharya’s phone number was repeatedly contacted but he did not pick up the phone.

Motilal Timsina, spokesperson of the Metropolitan Corporation, said that the Metropolitan Corporation has no information on this matter. You have raised a serious matter. We have not received information on this matter. This is also a matter of concern of the municipal corporation. I will report it to Mayor Sapp,” he said.