Nepali couple’s ‘fraud’ in Australia for providing PR: extortion up to $ 30,000 absconded!

दियोपोस्ट संवाददाता  

Kathmandu. It has been revealed that a Nepali couple living in Australia has cheated tens of millions of people.

Abhinaya Bhandari and his wife Nillisingh Bhandari of Nepali origin in Australia have defrauded dozens of Nepalis.

Ambition Consulting, which claims to have offices in Parramatta, Melbourne, Kamaladi, Nepal and New Zealand, in the capital of Australia, has been found to have defrauded millions of dollars.
This company has been making chickens for Nepalese, Chinese and Japanese students who have come to Australia to study. It has been reported that My Ambition Consulting, located in Paramata, Sydney, has defrauded millions.
The victims say that this company extorted 30 lakh to 35 lakh rupees from dozens of Nepalis.

These are frauds. They have recovered a huge amount from the customer. However, they have not done any work,” said Su Li Ting, who lives in Taiwan.

According to the victims, the Bhandari couple is scamming the students who are on temporary visas after completing their studies by promising them PR through jobs. The Nepalese have paid 30 to 40 thousand dollars to the Bhandari couple in the temptation of getting PR. However, even though the company raised money from the general public, they have not been able to get the visa. Now students are forced to return to Nepal after not getting visa. They charged 4 to 5 thousand dollars per person saying that the main course should be done.

A person from Sirah house, who suffered from the Bhandari couple, is returning to Nepal with a 22-month-old baby. He had paid 32 thousand dollars to Bhandari couple. 23 people who were cheated by the Bhandari couple filed a complaint at the police office there. Complaints have been filed in various organizations but no action has been taken. According to the source, those involved in the fraud have also set up another company. It has been found that those who victimized dozens of people by closing the old company have again registered and operated Beyond Borders Migration Solutions Pty Ltd. It has been revealed that the company is in the name of Bhandari’s wife Nillisingh Bhandari. It has been seen that the company mentioned on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Australia is in the name of Bhandari.